Bamboo Cloth Wipes (6-pack)

Cheeks Ahoy

Peterborough, Ontario

Cheeks Ahoy luxurious organic bamboo cloth wipes are perfect for removing make-up, washing your face and body, and much more. All while reducing waste and avoiding nasty chemicals and preservatives found in many commercial disposable wipes. Plus, they are incredible soft, you're never going to want to use a disposable make-up remover wipe again! 

Facial Rounds (8-pack)

All Things Preserved

Kitchener, Ontario

Reusable facial rounds are a sustainable alternative to disposable cotton rounds. They are made from locally-sourced, upcycled cotton flannel with a cotton terry backing. The set of 8 rounds comes with a mesh laundry pouch. Simply hang the pouch on a cupboard knob in the bathroom, pop the used rounds into the pouch, then toss the whole thing in the washer and dryer. These can be reused countless times and are an excellent green alternative to single-use cotton rounds. They will help the planet and help you save money.



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